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NBC Vaccine Outreach Larry

My name is Larry Johnson. I'm 88 years old and I have COPD, which stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This makes me especially vulnerable to lung infections like COVID 19. The coronavirus pandemic has changed my life, the lives of my family and the lives of families everywhere. It has changed how we work, how we play, how we interact with each other. It's had a huge impact on our lives. Incredibly, there are some people who continue to claim that it's a hoax or a variation of the flu and believe that if you're strong willed enough, you can easily get over it. Well, my eldest daughter's mother-in-law caught the coronavirus last year and she died. It was not a hoax for her, and it's not been a hoax for the over 800,000 Americans who have died from it so far, or the thousands more are being infected by it every day. Fortunately, we now have vaccines. Three of them, which can protect us from the virus, but only if we get them. I got my first shot in February last year. The fire department came to my house and exactly a month later they returned to give me my second shot. I was so grateful. Last October, I got my booster shot at my local CVS Pharmacy. I can't afford to take chances. You shouldn't either. The vaccination is free, and in most cases, there are none or very mild side effects. It sure beats spending weeks in a hospital on a ventilator before COVID 19. We never thought about how life could suddenly be taken away from us or from one of our loved ones. So please listen to the scientists and the medical experts. Get vaccinated so that we can win this war against COVID 19.