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Pastor Henderson DC3 Outreach

What's going on? This is your boy, Pastor D. Henderson III. I'm so excited to come to you right now on behalf of DC3 and our Pastor Marcus D. King. I just want to share with you my position on the vaccinations. Our pastor is pro-vaccine, our community is pro-vaccine and our responsibility is to make sure that we not push you to do it, but just to give you the information on why to do it. So if you have any questions or any thoughts or any concern, we really would like for you to reach out to us as we are partnering with the state to make sure that you have everything that you need to be, not reactive but proactive. When you're reactive, you're moving off of emotion, but when you are proactive, you have things in place to make sure you can handle what's coming at you. So thank you so much for allowing us to share the information with you as it relates to this vaccination. God bless.